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Sustainable greeting cards

We are facing up to the global challenges presented by climate change! In order to make a contribution towards environmental and climate protection, fairtrade media set itself the goal to produce eco-friendly print products of high-quality. As a result of our ongoing development, our greeting cards can be produced in a resourcefriendly way.


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When we visit clients, we travel by bicycle

It has been 4 years now, since we have been visiting our clients exclusively using the folding bike and the German railway.


In doing so, our range of action stretches from Flensburg in the north to Vienna in the south-east and from Aachen in the west to Dresden in the east.


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Visit our online shop

You can order our greeting cards in the online shop - naturally with 100 % green power hosting


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100 % renewable ernergies

For the production of its greeting cards, fairtrade media uses 100 % electricity generated from renewable energies.


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Environmental projects

Educational and nature protection projects in Tanzania are supported by part of the revenues.


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