Our projects - sustainable and fair

With part of the returns, fairtrade media funds environmental and educational projects in Africa (Tanzania).


To carry out our projects we work together with the non-profit organization Payback to Nature e.V. Within the project area, Payback to Nature's project partner on-the-spot is the likewise non-profit organization Lake Eyasi Foundation Trust in Tanzania.


Payback to Nature works on a voluntary basis. The funds are merely used for office supplies, legal advice, the construction and running of the website. This way, almost 100% of the money from donations can be forwarded to the local organizations. 

The projects that fairtrade media supports are embedded in the Rift Valley of Lake Eyasi in North Tanzania. The population mostly consists of the ethnic groups of the Hadzabe, Iragw, Datoga and various Bantu tribes.


With an average annual rainfall of 420 mm, the region climatically belongs to the arid areas in which it usually does not rain from May to October. The temperatures rise to 17 °C in July and August and to 33 °C in January and February.


The administrative district is named Mangola, the village, Mikocheni. Mikocheni - where the palm trees grow - counts approx. 2000 inhabitants and is formed by three lower villages. One of these is the project village Kisima Ngeda. Here, there is neither running water nore an electricity supply system. There are also no newly-built wells available, rather only a few water holes and occasional small sources, from which the villagers obtain their daily washing and drinking water. There are neither paved village streets nore country roads which lead to Mikocheni.

Most of the villagers earn a living by owning cattle, through familial agriculture or as day laborers. A handfull of small businesses such as for example a kiosk, a hairdresser's, a corn mill or various bars and cafés are provided in the village. The main employer of the region is the farm Kisima Ngeda as well as the resort which belongs to it.


The average income in the village per person is about 30 euros per month.

Because of the climatic conditions, agriculture is only possible with the help of irrigation. Besides subsistence farming, onions are intensively cultivated in the region. The onion is the only "Cash Crop" of the district. The weekly market is eight kilometers away from the Barazani village and takes place every Saturday.

Impressions of the village