Natural forest Lake Eyasi

The project area "Natural forest", which has been carried out in close colaboration with the charitable foundation Lake Eyasi Foundation Trust, is located in North Tanzania at the shores of the Lake Eyasi. A mixed forest of acacias and ilala palms forms the natural vegetation of the lakeside area, which is home to over 200 types of birds, reptiles, mammals and a large number of insects.


It is a region with extremely low rainfall. As a result of firewood harvesting, overgrazing and intensive agriculture, vast areas have been robbed of their natural vegetation, which in turn has led to lasting soil degradation. In order to counter this, land has been purchased and can then be renatured through protection against grazing and targeted reforestation, thereby allowing the original habitat to be restored.


The protection forest has by now a size of 80 hectars. With it will be established in the medium-run an area which, besides renaturation, enables the settlement of endangered animal species.

Forest impressions