In order to leave a viable environment for the following generations, sustainable economy should be the motive that determines our daily entrepreneurial activities. For us, this means that individual fields such as ecology, fair trade or economy, should not be considered in isolation. Instead, sustainability should be understood in its entirety, and all these fields must be assigned equal status.

Ecology: We set high expectations to ourselves and our suppliers concerning ecological production and ecological trade. When we choose our suppliers we make sure for example that renewable energies and other resource-protecting production methods be used in the production of individual components of our greeting cards. In order to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions through transport, we made the conscious decisions of choosing suppliers with productions sites in Germany.

Economy: We have set ourself the goal to produce high-quality products at a reasonable price. In doing so, we attach importance to the trader receiving customary trading conditions and the end customer not receiving an overpriced product.

Fair trade: In a global sustainable world, the differences between north and south should be even or rather reduced, to guarantee equal opportunities to every individual. In order to support this development, we are involved in environmental and educational projects in Tanzania.

Social: As a publishing house we work in close colaboration with local workshops for people with disabilities. We try to transfer as many working steps to the workshops as possible, in order to enable the intergration of disabled people in the working life.

Quality: We set high standards for the quality of our products. Only an excellent product and with it a satisfied customer incites to purchase, or rather repurchase. This way, through sustainable consumption, the world becomes a bit more sustainable.


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