We are facing up to the global challenges presented by climate change. In order to make a contribution towards environmental and climate protection, fairtrade media has set itself as goal to produce eco-friendly, high-quality paper products and printed goods.


Automobile: fairtrade media tries to avoid car use as much as possible. The visits to clients are carried out at 100% using folding bikes and railways. Small vans are used only at trade fair events for which the transport of exhibition stands is required.


Bank: with the GLS Bank, fairtrade media has one of the most ecologically oriented banks in Germany as its financial institution. In 2012, the GLS was distinguished by the German Sustainability Award as the most sustainable German company.


Company vehicle: All company vehicles used by fairtrade media are folding bikes.


Dispatch: We send all of our packages and letters with the carbon-neutral dispatch service "Go Green" from DHL. This way, the CO2 emissions resulting from the transport can be calculated and offset through climate protection projects.

Distribution / Visits to clients: In order to continue reducing the production of CO2, fairtrade media has been shifting its distribution service from car to train and bike since april 2010. We have by now several folding bikes and bike-trailers at our disposable for us to visit our clients regularly.


Electricity: The publishing company's needs in electricity are 100 % covered by eco-friendly and renewable energies. Our supplier in electricity "Naturstrom" is independent from coal companies and nuclear power firms and obtains electricity for the most part from plants in Germany. "Naturstrom" is awarded by the "Green Electricity Label" (Grüner Strom Label) in the category gold. In 2011, the electricity from "Naturstrom" was composed at 63 % by water power and 37 % wind power.


Employees: All employees from fairtrade media bike or walk to work.


Envelope factory: the envelope factory with which fairtrade media works is carbon neutral and produces a large share of its needs in electricity through the use of solar collectors.

FSC®: The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit and independent certification organization for responsible forest management. Its aim is to implement the requirements passed in Rio in 1993 for the development of sustainable forest development, under consideration of social, ecological and economical aspects. As a publishing company, fairtrade media is certified since 2007 under the number GFA-COC-01457 FSC®.


Office supply: All of our papers that are used in the office, from copy paper to envelopes, are made from 100 % recycled paper. Fairtrade media has been purchasing office supplies from the carbon neutral and environmental mail-order company Memo AG since 2011. The Memo AG was distinguished in 2011 by the German Environmental Award. The choice of this supplier gives fairtrade media the assurance to achieve the greatest possible sustainability, also with materials such as ball pens, dispatch envelopes and packing tape.


Online shop: The provider whith which our online shop is hosted, uses 100 % green electricity.


Packaging: For the dispatch of its products, fairtrade media uses 100 % packaging materials from direct recycling. For this purpose, we collect used carboard packaging with the bike and the bike trailer from nearby companies and clients in Bonn and use them for the re-dispatch.


Paper: All papers used by fairtrade media for the production of greeting cards come from sustainable sources. This way, all papers have been certified in the categories "excellent" by the FSC and by WWF regarding environment compatibility and sustainability. The proportion of recycled paper reaches 100 % for envelopes and 70 % for folding cards and postcards. In spite of the high percentage of recycled paper, the papers distinguish themself by high resistance to light, more specifically a brilliant image quality.

Print shops: fairtrade media only works together with "green" print shops. In this case, green means the use of renewable energies to cover the use in electricity, the use of eco-friendly papers, resource-saving production methods and carbon neutral printing processes. All the print shops are certified by EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme).


Printing ink: Only mineral oil-free inks made from renewable raw materials are used for print.


Product manufacturing: The packaging is carried out in the regional workshops for disabled people "Bonner Werkstätten". Fairtrade media itself only compensates in peak periods. The sheltered workshops are facilities for the participation of disabled people in working life and for their integration into working life. Renewable energies are here again also used, in the form of geothermal energy.


Production: In order to minimize the transport routes and consequently the emissions of CO2 for the goods, fairtrade media made the conscious decision of choosing Germany as the site for its production.


Projects: Part of the returns that fairtrade media generates by selling its products serve to support environmental and educational projects in Tanzania.