Climate-friendly visits to clients with the folding bike

It has been four years since we have been visiting our clients with the folding bike and the German and Austrian railways exclusively. In doing so, our range of action streches from Flensburg in the north to Vienna in the south and from Aachen in the west to Dresden in the east. We visit most of our retailers and chain stores, who own a greetings card display stand, at regular intervals several times during the year.


The visits occur with every weather conditions. Staying with the motto "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing", all of our field service employees are equipped with high-quality outdoor clothing. This enables us to carry out our visits by every type of weather, from 20 cm snowfall and -10 °C to 40 °C and sunshine.



Many other folding bikes followed the first pilote folding bike. The features extend from a system without gears, to 1 to 8-speed gears. The folding mechanism is similar for all bikes, which enables us to shrink the size of the bike within seconds. Once folded, it easily takes the place of a piece of luggage in the train. This way of bicycle transport does not create any problems also in the various types of long-distance trains without bicycle-cars.

As an experience we have started to supply our first clients with goods ourselves. For this purpose, we have developped a bike trailer that enables us to carry a standardized assortment along. The bike trailer is conceived in such a way that it combines optimum travel characteristics with maximized volume. It can at the same time be turned into a normal suitcase, yet with less handles. This characteristic is indispensible with the limited luggage space in the German high-speed trains.


Despite alternative means of transportation, the frequency of our visits to clients per day is similarly high to those of our colleagues from the conventional field service.